Thursday, March 19, 2015

Finishing Clay Sculptures with Tempera Cakes: 1st Grade Owls

First grade's clay owls were super successful this year which I attribute to demonstrating and expecting better craftsmanship than in previous years. Young artists are capable of so much! This year I decided to change it up with how they finished their owl sculptures. Instead of offering a choice of pre-mixed gouache washes in natural colors, I showed my first graders how to use tempera cakes to paint their clay sculptures. They tested colors in combinations of 2-3 colors on their owl sketches before they began painting their sculptures. As an art teacher, you sometimes worry that students will rush or become overzealous with their painting at the end of a long project--I should have known better! This group of first graders ROCKED OUT with their color choices and finishing touches using tempera cakes! Enjoy!