Saturday, January 10, 2015

Update: Cairns Installation in the Snow and An Accidental Favorite Book

We enjoyed a light dusting of snow here in PA which provided the perfect opportunity to photograph Kindergarten's cairns installation with the new stone marker.  If you work with young kids, collecting stones, painting them bright colors, and building cairns (stacks of stones) to mark a path is an activity that your children will love. Install your cairns a small journey away so that you and your Littles can trek and see their work in all seasons.

Stone marker in place!

Mini cairns marking the snowy path

Bright colors help the rocks stand out as an intentional installation

I can't wait until the spring for different installation pictures

Also, Kindergarten loved the pictures from Andy Goldsworthy: A Collaboration with Nature that I showed them when we worked on this project. I accidentally left this book in the area where the students get dismissed before it was returned to the art room library. When I had dismissal duty the next week the Kindergarten kids asked me to bring out "the rock book" again! Apparently they loved looking at this picture book everyday for the 15 minutes before they got into their cars. Seeing them pore over this book was affirming--you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink...but sometimes if you leave the water, the horse will drink and ask for more, more, more! I wonder what other "water" I can leave for my little ponies to discover! :-)

Andy Goldsworthy's cairns and other natural installations kept their interest 
Each day last week the same kids asked me for "the rock book" to flip through 

One boy remembered how Goldsworthy created a shape in leaves by only picking the frost-covered leaves.