Friday, January 30, 2015

Snowflake Fabric Batik Banner

No two snowflakes are alike and no two second graders are exactly alike either!
One of my 2nd grade classes created a winter fabric batik banner for the auction night at school. We followed Gail's instructions from That Artist Woman by using gel glue, cotton fabric, and watered down acrylic paints. Each student in the class designed their own snowflake for the banner. It turned out really well and I highly recommend this as a great, collaborative project for your Littles. 

How to Make Your Own Snowflake Fabric Batik Banner

Cotton fabric
pencil and paper
large Plexiglas or other board that watery acrylic paint will not damage
watered down acrylic paint
nail brush
bucket/sink of hot, soapy water
optional: light table


  1. Draw a snowflake
  2. Cut it out
  3. Arrange snowflakes on Plexiglas or other board and evenly space and distribute
  4. Lay cotton fabric over the snowflakes
  5. Trace over snowflakes in pencil on the fabric (A light table can come in handy here but is not always necessary to see the snowflakes through thin, cotton fabric.)
  6. Remove all drawings from underneath fabric
  7. Apply gel glue over lines on fabric
  8. Allow gel glue to dry over night
  9. Paint fabric with watered down acrylics
  10. Allow paint to dry
  11. Place fabric in hot soapy water and allow it to soak until the gel glue is gummy
  12. Wash and scrub with a nail brush to remove all of the gel glue
  13. Allow fabric to dry
  14. Iron fabric, finish edges, and display!