Friday, December 5, 2014

Kindergarten Rocks: Nature's Building Blocks

Stones arranged with "cairn"

Looking for a way to create with natural items? Look no more! 

Kindergarten takes seasonal walks through the woods behind our school. They collected flat, wide rocks on their Fall walk for an art and science project inspired by stone cairns. A cairn is a stack of stones built as a marker of new territory or pathway. Kindergarteners practiced stacking their stones in art class and learned about gravity, stability, and balance in science class. We painted our stones to make them stand out and will be installing them in the hiking trail behind our school soon. Check out how much fun Kindergarten had practicing with nature's building blocks: rocks!

I love a good "work-while-sitting-on-the-table" kind of art class

We washed the rocks in the sink but they still kept their green moss

Experimenting with balance and stability in their practice cairn

The whole class practiced taking turns placing one rock at a time to first create a class practice cairn before breaking into small groups and making smaller practice cairns.