Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cairns Installation Inspired by Thea Alvin and Andy Goldsworthy

After Kindergarten practiced stacking stones and painted their collected stones, we finally had decent weather to go outside and install cairns in the woods behind our school. I was so glad we could do this before winter break! The kids worked in small groups to stack their painted stones along a pathway by the creek. 

Some of my favorite quotes from this experience...
I love how their painted rocks match their candy colored coats and boots.
I'm playing with rocks!
Try it again so it doesn't fall. 
Kindergarten "rocks!" 
 In this art and science project I introduced the stone work of artists Andy Goldsworthy and Thea Alvin. In addition to showing Kindergarten images from this great book I also showed them stone works from Andy Goldsworthy's digital catalogue where you can browse by year, form, material, or place.

I also showed Kindergarten images and a video about Thea Alvin's amazing stone arches and structures. They loved this video and wanted to build like her!

Like Goldsworthy, we added color to our rocks so they would stand out...unlike Goldsworthy, we used acrylic paint.