Friday, November 7, 2014

Easy, Beautiful Leaf Collages Inspired by Lois Elhert

I am so excited to share a sneak peak of 1st and 2nd grade's leaf collages! (They will be installed in the windows next week and I'll be sure to share pictures of them en situ.) We read Lois Elhert's beautiful picture book, Leaf Man as inspiration to make our own leaf collages from fallen autumn leaves around our school.

After collecting 5-6 favorite leaves we put on Motown via Pandora and got busy creating in the art room! We used a small amount of glue from a gluestick to adhere the cut leaf collage to a piece of lamination paper. I laminated their creations the same day to ensure they remained flat and didn't get crispy and dry. I photographed them on a light table to show off the gorgeous colors. I emphasized overlapping, color, and shape to create successful representations of animals and creatures. More pictures soon!

What other methods should I try for preserving leaf and nature art? What are some of your favorite autumn projects and activities? Send me a message on the lower right side of this page or leave a Google+ comment below--I'd love to hear from you!

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