Saturday, November 15, 2014

Art Installation in Windows: Leaf Collages

Last year I got approval from the administration to install a new way to display artwork in the windows of a hallway connecting Lower School to the rest of the school. This space, the breezeway, always inspired me as a sunlit link between the Lower School, the wetlands, woods, and creek. The solution for a simple and elegant hanging apparatus came from The Eric Carle Studio Blog as they too had beautiful big windows where they wished to display art.
If you're walking to the wetlands or woods outside you'll pass by nature-themed artwork

Using book rings and sheet protectors artwork hangs in front of the windows catching the days' light. The artwork my colleague and I display there often has to do with nature. Here are some shots of 1st and 2nd grades' leaf creature collages installed. Enjoy!

Leaf creatures made by 1st and 2nd graders in front of the view of fall trees

Bookrings and sheet protectors make an easy and effective display for artwork