Friday, October 17, 2014

Nature Curricular Activities in Art and Science: Worm Yarn Paintings

This year I am teaming up with my colleague who teaches science to create science and art related lessons for each of the grades we teach. One of our collaborative lessons with Pre-K is about some of our garden friends, earthworms. Some of the things Pre-K learns about in science are...
  • What jobs do earthworms carry out in soil?
  • How much soil do earthworms churn?
  • Do earthworms eat seeds or do they plant them?
  • What paths do they make in their worm farm?

In art, we are creating "upcycled" worms using spray-painted cardboard forms and colorful, thick yarn. This lesson is inspired from a project by Olivia and her girls from MooMama. We haven't finished yet but I really wanted to share! They are adorable and reinforce my four- and five-year-olds' fine motor skills as they create different types of lines on their worms.
Straight, curly, squiggly lines of thick yarn are used to decorate cardboard worm forms

We read The Squiggle by Carole Lexa Schaefer and looked at Huichol yarn paintings to get inspiration for different lines we could make when we applied the yarn.

Paint with white glue and use lines of yarn to decorate a worm

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