Friday, October 3, 2014

"Green" Monotypes with Pre-K

I was eager to use some of my new picture books as inspiration for art projects. Green written and illustrated by Laura Vaccaro Seeger was the perfect launching point for a monotype project with my Pre-Kindergarten artists. We used natural art tools made from dried cattail stalks and arrangements of goldenrod, Queen Anne's lace, and other local plants and grasses as visual inspiration.

We added yellow and blue tempera paint onto our trays and then mixed them into green with a foam roller. Next, we drew a design by scraping away the paint with a cattail stalk. Once the design was finished, we pressed a piece of paper to lift off the picture. Students were encouraged to look at the lines and shapes of the wildflower arrangements on their tables.

My school is lucky to have a natural wetland right in our backyard!

Wildflowers in bloom

Dried wildflowers in my school's backyard

Purples and....

Bright yellow goldenrod!

Cattails are only found in wetlands

Cattails and the dried, cut stalks ready for use as art tools
Add blue and yellow, roll and mix to make a flat, even layer of green

Draw with your cattail stalk, press paper, and lift off your image!

Pre-K observational monotypes

This student did a great job capturing the essence of goldenrod

How do you use nature in your curriculum? What else can I do with my students using wildflowers and cattails?