Friday, October 31, 2014

Discoveries Through A Handmade Halloween

This year the music teacher, Maggie, and I ROCKED our school's Halloween parade with homemade, Disney's Frozen-themed costumes. Maggie embodies a true Disney princess with her sing-song voice, long hair, and effervescent personality so it was only natural that she made herself into Anna for the day. With my shoulder-length dark hair and black eyebrows I didn't feel like blonde Elsa was a good match for me...I felt much less like a Disney princess and much more like a jolly, round snowman. As the art and music teachers of young elementary students we already experience a certain level of celebrity, but as Olaf and Anna we jumped to superstar status! The kids loved our costumes and seeing their joy and excitement was the best part of this endeavor! (There were even a few parents that wanted pictures with us.)

I always admire Cassie Stephens' What The Art Teacher Wore posts and how she visually embodies the content she teaches. I was so excited to embark on a totally handmade costume and made some great discoveries along the way. I learned that despite how convincing a plan looks on paper you will likely scrap it and have to figure things out by enlisting the help of friends and by simply messing around with materials. So thank you to Maggie, Tessa of Telado Photography, Sara, and Jacob for your ideas and support! 

I also learned how awesome craft foam is as a building material. It's expensive but it really packs a punch with it's flexibility, strength, and light weight qualities. I will definitely do a sculpture project using this foam with my older kids in summer art camp! The foam was 1" regular density and should be sold by the inch at your local Jo-ann Fabric and Craft Store or other fabric store. I also used these amazing Clover Wonder Clips to hold the foam in place.

Enjoy the pictures and Happy Halloween!!!

How is Halloween treated in your school? Does your student population celebrate Halloween? Send me a message on the lower right part of the blog or leave a Google+ comment. I'd love to hear from you! I'm going to start planning now for next year's costume!

We were busy bees. Halloween seems to be one of the few times of year I bust out my dress form!

Foam, scissor, hot glue, clips, and Jacob's head for measuring helped create Olaf's head 

I had to wake someone up at 3am to take this picture!

Plans are a helpful way to start but you have to stay flexible when it comes to 3-D design

I'm going to wear this Olaf costume to my wedding one day. The upper and lower snow balls were poncho-like squares that I cinched at the bottom by weaving through with Stretch Magic and a large needle. I had a wire hoop inside the lower ball held inside by Clover Wonder clips. I wore Maggie's white sweatpants and Jacob's white socks over my flats.

Maggie as a lovely Anna! I sewed the skirt (which needs some mending) and she created the entire cape by hand! She covered a thrift store corset with a black t-shirt and hand-painted the floral design with acrylic paint!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention why Frozen has a special place in my heart. Jacob and I have a good friend, Shant of Skchbk on Tumblr, who is a Lighter at Disney and invited us to the movie's premiere and party in Los Angeles last year in Fall 2013. I saw the movie in the Dolby Theater before it officially came out and had a truly magical evening. Even if the movie was not as popular I still would have loved the story, music, and characters because of this experience!

Once you have a wristband you're official

Free drinks and popcorn before the movie! Why can't every movie theater do this?!

When else can you say you've taken a selfie in the same place as the movie stars during the Academy Awards?!
Wildly different footwear for the occasion

The Ray Dolby Ballroom's after par-tay

Red-eyed Shant was eager to get his eat on!

The entire party's theme was ice!

A real ice bar!

BFF from left to right: Shant, Alia, Jacob, ice sculpture Olaf