Friday, October 10, 2014

Autumn Fabric Sun Prints

Orange and blue Inkodye sunprints!
Who doesn't remember the magic of sunprint paper? Arrange leaves and other objects on the paper, let it darken in the sun, lift off the objects to reveal a masked shadow. Now, using a textile dye (Inkodye) that reacts to sunlight, you can create sunprints on fabric! 2nd grade had a great time experimenting with this process using blue and orange dyes.

I got basic info and inspiration from this tutorial. Some helpful changes I made:
  • plastic bag covered board Plastic placemats
  • Plastic placemats with arranged leaves go on large board 
  • Cover with plexiglass and clamp 
My kids LOVED tightening and working with the clamps

We did some relay races and then came back to check on the sun's work

Deep, dark, beautiful blue sunprint...with a tiny bit of orange hiding in the corners

Per usual, my examples are never as exciting and adventurous as the kids' work!