Friday, August 15, 2014

DIY Tooled Metal Jewelry for Kids Part II: Embossed Pendants

Teach kids how to make wearable embossed pendants!
After showing how to make a metal cuff bracelet, Say Things With Color was excited to be featured on Craft Gossip! Check out their fabulous collection of DIY jewelry and craft projects. Many of their projects would be great to make for and with kids.

I have been on a tooled metal kick this summer! Something about tooling metal has really captured me. It is soft enough for kids to draw in designs and hearty enough to be made into jewelry and much more. This jewelry project is a great way to use up scraps from those bigger tooled metal projects. It can be successfully done with kids aged 8 and up (use your judgment). As always, take care to keep clear of the edges of the metal as they can be sharp.

This week, I'll show you how to make an embossed pendant with a built-in bail. A bail is a part that allows a pendant to hang from a necklace. You can make your pendants any size or shape and attach them to any type of string or jewelry wire that you like.


tooling metal cut to approximately 1" x 2"
craft foam cut a bit smaller
T-pin or other pointy object (a dull pencil works well)
String or jewelry wire of your choice

Some of these materials are for making pendants and some are for cuff bracelets.


Cut your small piece of foam into your desired pendant shape.

Cut tooling metal to the same shape with ~1/4" border

Fringe cut any curved areas to make the folding easier.

Carefully fold cut pieces over the foam. Since they are on a curve they should overlap like this.

Fold one side.

Fold the other side.

Make sure you are left with enough metal to temporarily fold the top. (This will be the built-in bail.)

Flip your pendant over.

Use your pointy tool of choice to draw in a design. I kept it simple--I wanted it to look stones set in silver. 

I wanted my pendant to look like silver and turquoise stones similar to a project
I made with my 2nd graders during their study of Native Americans.

Flip your pendant to the back and unfold your bail.

Close your bail around your string or jewelry wire.

Your embossed pendant is ready to wear!

Have you made any tooled metal jewelry before? What other jewelry projects should I try with my kids? I am starting to collect and pin ideas to my board Teaching Jewelry to Kids so I'd love to hear from you!

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