Friday, July 25, 2014

An Old Photo and a New Idea for Quilled Paper Butterflies

Add quilled paper to the blank side of an old photo
Paper quilling is a favorite, decorative art technique of mine partially because it can be taught to kids of all ages. I was looking for a quick, new way to integrate paper quilling into a summer art camp project with my 2nd - 6th graders and got an idea as I was cleaning my desk at the end of the school year. A falling-apart book of butterflies was the inspiration for quilled paper butterflies.

I hope you are inspired to make your own quilled paper project with your kids using repurposed photographs. Maybe you will make a butterfly, another insect, or decide to decorate a portrait with paper additions! Wherever this leads you, have fun in the mosaic-like beauty and simplicity of quilled paper designs!




printed butterfly photograph
quilling paper
quilling tool
sticky note (for a non-slippery quilling surface and for putting a dot of glue)
white glue
push pin or other tool to make a small hole
Stretch magic or another clear string cut to ~12 inches
Small twig or stick
(You may want to invest in a quilling kit for beginners; it has all the basics and stores everything well.)

Cut out a photo of a butterfly.
Assemble your quilling tool, quilling paper, sticky note, and white glue.
Place end of quilling paper through forked tool. Hold the paper taught as you spin the tool and coil the paper.

Carefully remove tool and add a dot of glue to the loose end.
You have made a loose circle!
Pinch one end to form a teardrop shape.
Pinch the opposite end to get a marquise shape.
Experiment with different quilled shapes and glue them on the blank side of the printed butterfly. Get your pushpin ready.
Carefully push a hole through the upper tip of each wing.
Thread Stretch magic or other clear string through and tie a knot; repeat on the other wing.
Tie the top of the stretch magic around a small twig
Your butterfly can now fly!

I would love to hear about your adventures in paper quilling! 

Are there quilling projects I should try with my kids? 

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