Friday, July 11, 2014

DIY Tooled Metal Jewelry for Kids Part I: Cuff Bracelets

What does summer mean for you? Are you thinking about lessons to try with students in the fall? Are you looking for projects to do with kids at home or in camp? For me, summer is all of these things as I think about new lessons for fall and also teach kids for several weeks at summer art camp.

I want to share a great jewelry project that you can do with kids aged 6+. Early this week we made metal cuff bracelets using tooling metal. This metal is stronger than aluminum foil but soft enough to accept marks with pencils, T-pins, and just about anything with a point.

Read more to learn how you can make tooled metal cuff bracelets with your kids at home or in the classroom. The process is fun and yields exciting results!


tooling metal cut to 2.5" x 9"
craft foam cut to 1" x 7"
paper to sketch on
T-pin or other pointy objects
Sharpies or other permanent markers
(other materials pictured will be used to demonstrate DIY Tooled Metal Jewelry for Kids Part II...stay tuned!)


Trace your metal on paper. Don't worry if it doesn't fit exactly.

Sketch a design for your bracelet.

Center the foam on the metal and carefully fold sides over the foam.
Try not to touch or run hands along the edges of the metal--try to only
touch the flat, smooth sides. Young children may need help forming
 the metal around the foam.

Fold end into a triangle.

Fold the tip of the triangle so it meets the foam.

Fold the end onto the foam.

Experiment using your pointy tools...pencils, T-pins, etc.
to make your design in the metal. Be flexible and turn "happy
accidents" into part of your design!

Admire your tooled metal! You probably made more marks than you
originally planned because it was so much fun!

It's time to color your bracelet! Think about leaving some
parts uncolored to look like silver.

Curl your bracelet so that it overlaps itself.

Open it up.

Try it on!

Woohoo! Proudly wear your new DIY jewelry!

As always, I love to hear from you. What jewelry projects do you like to do with your kids? What summer activities should I try with my kids at summer art camp?

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