Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Thoughts for Fall: A Cheap Alternative to a Big, Classroom Rug

Carpet tiles designate personal space for kids as they listen to a story,
watch a video, or create on their own on floor-level. Afterwards, stack
them away and get as messy as you want in an art room!
Whether you are an educator, a parent, or an artist creating a space for learning and making things takes consideration and thought. Educators often consider the flow of the classroom since it contributes to a safe, efficient, creative environment. Last year I made a few changes that have been proving effective in transitioning students from instruction and demonstration, to independent work, to clean up. 

Carpet tiles are an affordable option and are perfect for transitioning between story time and messy art making time since they neatly stack away in a box or flat on the counter. During art stations, I sometimes put up an interactive game or tutorial on the SMART board and kids will pull out carpet tiles and fold origami on the floor, re-watch an art video, or create a free project. This year, we read all these picture books sitting on carpet squares before starting our art projects!

I ordered carpet tiles through this site but I am sure there are many other options as well. Depending on the style and color, you can spend less than a dollar per carpet tile. (Don't forget to add in the estimated cost of shipping if you're not driving and picking them up locally.) If you are looking for an alternative to a big, carpet put some of your budget towards the purchase of carpet tiles. Your classroom will thank you!

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Do you use personal space designators other than carpet tiles?
What are some of the ways you create a safe, efficient, learning environment?
Do you use Google+?