Friday, June 27, 2014

Frida Kahlo Would Have Loved Instagram

Artist Frida Kahlo would have loved setting the contrast high and using bright filters to create daily selfies according to her mood and emotional struggles.

One of my kids wanted to re-read Frida with Frida!

July 6th is Frida's birthday. What would she do today? Read Frida with your Littles and then do something Frida would do: paint, draw, or Instagram a selfie! 

Frida Kahlo is a great artist to introduce to kids with the age-appropriate help of picture book Frida written by Jonah Winter and illustrated by Ana Juan. The story is faithful to her eventful life and passes on an important message about working through challenges--Frida painted when she was sick, injured, or upset.

I have a puppet of Frida in my classroom who I let help turn the pages. After the story I let kids interview and ask Frida (the puppet) questions about her life and artwork. (It's worth mentioning that I introduce puppet Frida by saying that she is nervous to meet the class and ask that everyone be very kind to her; in the past kids have focused too much on her proud unibrow and thereby lose focus on the story!)

QUESTIONWhat are some of your favorite picture books about artists?
Do your kids know what selfies are?