Friday, June 20, 2014

Another Reason I Love Washable Stamp Pads

On their last day of art Pre-K made a giant rainbow to create hallway decoration for the summer. Two students at a time helped create an arc of color by pressing their fingers and eventually hands and entire arms (who could resist?) on washable stamp pads and then onto large, white paper.

Pre-Kindergarteners had so much fun making a
collaborative rainbow on their last day of art!

I've talked about my favorite stamp pads before. They are worth the investment especially when you "re-ink" them using washable liquid watercolors like I did. I squirt a few lines of liquid watercolor on the dried-out stamp pads and then use a sponge roller to even out and distribute the color. Once you see the efficient and cost-friendly results of re-inking with liquid watercolors you will understand why I love washable stamp pads!

Washable stamp pads create bright, vibrant artwork 

A reason students love this type of project is because they work in teams to fill a white area with color. I love using washable stamp pads because they are just messy enough to be fun, but not overwhelmingly messy for a final art class.

The next time you are looking for a fun, just-messy-enough, group project try using washable stamp pads with your kids!


How do you use washable stamp pads with your kids at home or in the classroom?
Do you have any helpful tips or techniques for washable stamp pads?
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