Sunday, May 25, 2014

Printable Dress Up to Color, Cut, and Glue

Step 1 - Color

Who doesn't like to play dress up? After teaching a fashion project to my 1st graders and seeing the annual Moore College of Art & Design Fashion Show I got inspired to make this printable dress up to share! 

Now you and your Littles can become fashion designers as you dress up printed photos of loved ones or people in magazines. Download below, print, color, cut, and let the fun begin!

Step 2 - Make a "rough" cut

Step 3 - Make short, small cuts as you get closer

Step 4 - Grab a glue stick,
a printed photo or magazine,
and get going! 

After you gather your favorite markers, scissors, glue stick, and printed photos and magazines, click to download and print your own hats, hair, clothes, and accessories. 

After designing, take your projects to the next level and add 3-D paper elements with paper quilling. If you like this project, download more project instructions for your Littles to make their own collaged hummingbird. 

For the most part, as an educator, I love hands-on projects that teach cutting, arranging, and gluing skills but I have a few favorite digital activities for kids as well from Qagoma Games--Zoomorphic Calligraphy and "We Miss You Magic Land!" 

I would love to hear about your hands-on and digital creations! 

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