Sunday, March 23, 2014

What's Your Impression? Looking at Impressionist Art via MightyBook Art Gallery

The first signs of spring are here with the just-visible crocuses, birdsong, and damp, slightly warmer weather. Wanting to embrace the light and color of this season I decided to introduce my 2nd graders to Impressionist and Post-Impressionist landscape art using the MightyBook Art Gallery. My 2nd graders loved looking at artwork on my SMART Board through this site.

We did a quick, landscape project after looking at a landscape by Vincent van Gogh and one by Georges Pierre Seurat. Instead of lecturing about the artist's lives or styles I let my 2nd graders do the talking. For about 10 minutes they took turns responding to shapes and colors in the artwork. They begged for more time to share! When we had a few spare minutes after clean up I called on more students to talk about what they saw in the artwork.

Kids can access this site (it requires Flash so no good on iPads) and let their imaginations run wild looking at all the artwork! Better yet, spend some quality time with one painting in a small group and share how many different things you see!

A cow's head, a field of fire, a moustache cloud--what do you see?

A triceratops, a mountain path, a headless horsemen--what do you see?