Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stick with Wikki Stix

I ended up cutting the 3ft lengths into 1ft lengths. There are many
options for purchasing Wikki Stix.
Wikki Stix are "made of hand-knitting yarn enhanced with a microcrystalline food-grade, non-toxic wax." What does that mean? They are a colorful, bendable, slightly sticky, fun material that your kids will enjoy. My Kindergartners loved using them in their Alexander Calder-inspired Circus projects.

The blue and pink circus performer "wilted" because of not
being fully supported. The orange and pink figure stayed put
because it was supported from behind...and stapled for good measure!
We used Wikki Stix as a type of artists' wire and made circus performers and other colorful details. What sets Wikki Stix apart from Twisteeze or other types of wire?
I tried Wikki Stix because, supposedly, the wax coating makes them stick and stay in place without any additional adhesive material. I discovered that anything large or heavy stuck for a while but ultimately wilted; however, the kids loved working with Wikki Stix and some stapling and extra support kept their sculptures in place. 

I'm not sure I'd use Wikki Stix again in this exact way but I can see sticking with Wikki Stix for other applications. I found the best use to be when single lines of Wikki Stix are placed firmly against a flat surface. That being said, how many ways can you and your kids have fun with Wikki Stix?