Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Picture Book About Play and Art

Written by Tanya Lee Stone and illustrated by Boris Kulikov, Sandy's Circus is a biographical account of how artist Alexander Calder turned play into art in his famous Cirque Calder. Kulikov's rich illustrations give plenty of detail without being overwhelming so your Littles will be transfixed by the images as you read aloud.

"There once was an artist named Alexander Calder. Only he didn't call himself Alexander. And he didn't call the things he made art." 

How many of your kids make amazing things with simple materials available to them? How many of them think what they make is art?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Eat Your Fruit and Veggies - 2nd Grade Installation

In collaboration with Health & Wellness, 2nd graders used images of fruit and vegetables in art class to create marker drawings on tracing paper. The fruit and veggie drawings are installed in the breezeway to remind everyone to make good choices in the cafeteria!

I first showed my 2nd graders some contemporary artists who use many types of food to create sculptures. Click the links below to see these artists' exciting work!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Why I Blog and My Favorite Mommy Blog

As a newcomer to the blogging world I want to offer Here are just a few of the motivations behind why I started

1. Filling a gap between education and parenting blogs is where I feel I can offer something original: my intentions in sharing my world of art education are to inspire fellow educators and empower parents to connect with their kids through art. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014


I went to school on Friday with a bad sore throat. I began my morning classes by telling them a story.

"Guess what? When I woke up this morning I was like this:

[I dramatically stretched my arms as if rising from bed, tried to yawn only to emit a squeaky sound, widened my eyes in terror, tried to speak only to emit more squeaks]

By this point my 1st graders were cracking up.

I told them in my squeaky voice "I had no voice! What do you think it means for art class today if I don't have a big voice?"

I called on 2 or 3 students all of which give the same basic answer: "We have to be very good listeners today." Several students also told me about how they or their family members were recently sick. What followed next was a short (unplanned) discussion of how we feel and what we do when we are sick.