Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holiday Wish List: Creative Play

My wish for all kids and families is that they got plenty of play time over the holidays. Click to see my new pinboard "Family Fun" where parents will find activities for the entire family. Once I started pinning from within Pinterest I found some great ideas. One of my favorites is taping or drawing to create a city or environment for cars and dolls. I always wished I had one of those rugs with buildings and streets for my toy cars as a kid. I wish I would have thought of drawing my own city on paper!

I noticed that a lot of activities for kids called "Quiet Time Activities" are focused on keeping kids occupied so that parents can focus on their adult tasks and work. As a teacher (I'm not a parent yet!) I agree that kids love age-appropriate activities in which they can work confidently on their own. While providing independent activities for kids is valuable at times, I hope that the goal of some of these at-home activities are not to simply keep the kids quiet but to provide a platform for the entire family to enjoy spending time together. 

Keep checking Family Fun for ideas and feel free to email and suggest some as well!