Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pipecleaner Snowflakes for All

Here is a 1st grader's completed snowflake made
with beads in rainbow (ROYGBV) order! 
Happy Holidays! Are you wondering what to do with your elementary-aged kids over winter break? If you're looking for a fun, mess-free winter craft try making a beaded pipecleaner snowflake. What started as a Pre-K project turned into a last-class-before-winter-break project for a few different grades. Finished snowflakes look great strung and hung on a tree, in a window, or against a wall.

Snowflake Materials

  • Pipecleaners cut in half (3 half pieces make a 6-pointed snowflake)
  • Pony beads and other beads that fit on pipecleaners
  • Tray for holding beads (I like trays because you can rummage through a flat layer of beads)

Making Your Snowflake

  1. Twist 3 short pipecleaners 2-3 times in the middle
  2. Separate the 6 arms of your snowflake
  3. Choose and add beads in a regular or irregular pattern
  4. Don't bead all the way to the end of the arm--fold the tip of the pipecleaner to lock beads on

Before Pre-K made their pipecleaner snowflakes we looked at images of real snowflakes and I asked them to look and see how the snowflakes were alike and different. We discovered 

     ~ no two snowflakes are alike
     ~ some snowflakes have large or small centers
     ~ snowflakes have 6 points
     ~ snowflakes have radial symmetry