Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Cozy Game to Play Inside

Looking out the kitchen windows I breath in steam from my mug of Early Grey watching the first big snowfall of the season. As the tall evergreens and roads continue to get covered in fluffy, white snow I am reminded that I haven't bought a shovel yet...whoops!

To ease my mind I played a whimsical game created by Australian artists Pip and Pop commissioned by the Queensland Art Gallery called "We Miss You Magic Land!" I created a fanciful world named "The Land of Color" and used colorful candies and clouds that rained down flower seeds. At the end I took a picture of myself to create a character and shared my world with friends through email.  

I clicked a link and saw my beautiful world come to life! It reminds me of Little Big Planet 

"The artists are inspired by children’s stories, creation myths, Buddhist cosmologies and video games and have transformed hundreds of objects and craft materials into beautiful, glittery worlds. Using cake decorating tools, they have funnelled rainbow–coloured sugar crystals, fine sands and glitter to create lacy, patterned hilltops and valleys, dotting them with artificial flowers, plastic trinkets, crystals and sequins. The finished result is a series of magical worlds, where make-believe becomes a part of reality."

If you're experiencing the same winter wonderland I am, or if you're on the other side of the world like Pip and Pop where Brisbane, Australia's high today is 78 degrees try making your own world in Pip and Pop's "We Miss You Magic Land!" It's fun solo or for the whole family--you can create up to four characters per game! Did I mention there is music?!