Sunday, November 3, 2013

Paper Quilling Fun for 3 Age Groups

My group of students aged 8-12 started with
tissue paper decoupage for our quilled garden scenes.
This was so beautiful I had to take a picture
right as it was finished--see the wet glue?
What is paper quilling? In short, it is curled paper glued to a background. Traditional paper quilling requires a small wooden quilling tool in which the forked part holds the end of a small strip of quilling paper. As you turn the tool with one hand and hold the other end of the paper taught, the paper winds into a tight circle. You can glue it shut to keep it a tight circle or let it loosen into a loose circle and pinch into different shapes.
Quilling can be seen from various perspectives
 such as in this gorgeous little duck pond.
In my experience, traditional paper quilling works well with students aged 8 and above but, as with most projects and materials in art, paper quilling can be adapted and done with many different age groups.

That's right! Quilled jewelry was next on the docket.
Tear drop shapes were perfect for dangly earrings.

My Pre-K kids worked together to create a huge quilled sun
for their spring Mother Goose nursery rhyme show.
For my younger students (aged 4 - 5) I cut construction paper that is 1" wide and 9" long and we use colored pencils in place of a quilling tool. Any round pencil or dowel will let you curl the paper.

We used wallpaper glue for this large-scale piece
They were so creative! They used a variety of quilled shapes to
add braids, cyclops eyes, and black eyelashes.
With my 2nd graders (aged 7 -8) paper quilling is a fun way to make portraits. I teach them the same way I teach my 4 and 5 year olds but I make the paper strips longer (1"wide x 18"long) and teach them how to form different shapes from the curled paper.
A colorful counter filled with practice quilling squares

You can purchase quilling tools and paper through Nasco or a great starter kit through Amazon. Or, you can improvise and cut paper and curl it around a pencil! What are some ways you use paper quilling with your students or your kids at home?

Traditional Paper Quilling (ages 8 and up)
  • Quilling paper
  • Quilling tool
  • White glue
  • Background (construction paper, cardstock, scrap mat board, cardboard)
"Littles" Paper Quilling (ages 4 - 8)
  • Construction paper cut to 1"wide x 9" or 18" long
  • Round pencil or dowel
  • White glue
  • Background (construction paper, cardstock, scrap mat board, cardboard)